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Best experience possible! Went in as clueless to-be puppy parents and left so much more well informed. Liz gave us a ton of great recommendations for toys and food and was extremely generous with her time and knowledge! Get your pet stuff here!

“Can’t say enough positive things about this store. They carry high-quality products for your pet and will answer all your questions . They also get to know their customers. Excellent local business.”

“Wonderful and knowledgeable staff as well as fantastic products! My older cat is so happy with the new food and my baby kitten is so preoccupied with a new locally made toy that she couldn’t be bothered with food, that’s a first for her!”

“I always enjoy my visits here and so do my girls.  They get so spoiled while I get to focus on their needs. The owner and staff are always friendly helpful and will give you education when you need it. If they don’t know something they will also look it up.”

“A very friendly, clean, and honest business. I am extremely happy with the advice and suggestions I was given. They have a life-long customer now!”

“This is a place to go if you want personal care. The employees are very willing to assist you on all your pet needs. They also give out free samples before you make a commitment with your picky pet. If that picky pet won’t bite, they’ll also take your food back.”

“The staff & atmosphere in Nutzy Mutz & Crazy Cats are fabulous! An employee happily greeted me and instantly struck up a conversation about my pup. This employee was extremely friendly and was more than happy to help assist me in any way! I got a very cute collar, a dog toy & a TON of free samples of cat food! I will definitely be returning soon!”

“Had a catfood emergency as our “high end” food apparently changed its recipe…(they say, “No”, but our cats refused to eat it, two bags in a row from different batches of food.) The crazy catz folks were very knowledgeable of new brands to try. We hit a home run on the first try. Great to have this resource locally!”

“Want to guess how much I spend on dog food, dog treats, cat food, cat litter, and little things for this one here to chew on every month? It’s plenty. I think of myself as someone who buys local – and – recently realized how much I was purchasing online – cuz, convenience – for these fur babes… NO MORE! From here on out the good and friendly folks at @nutzymutz are getting all our pet-able amazon biz, like Penny’s pretty #newcollar. They deliver to my doorstep too AND it feels really good to redirect these profit dollars into our community right here in Madison.”

“Best selection of high quality dog food and treats in the area. The staff is also extremely helpful and friendly. Definitely recommended!”

“The Purrfect store. Large selection of products, awesome, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Love your house cats and all the work you do for the animals and community.”

“Awesome place!! So friendly, helped me pick out a collar for my dane and it looks great!”

“Extremely friendly staff!!!! Went here once to buy cat food and litter but they didnt carry the brand of food my cat was already eating so i only bought litter. A super nice gentleman carried the litter to my car which was a couple of blocks away!! It was a 50 lb bag! I then went to pet world a few times to continue getting the same food and the staff was so rude and unhelpful that I’ve decided I’m never going back. I came back to Nutzy mutz and crazy cats and told them i wanted to try a new food and didnt know what kind, a super nice woman gave me 15 different samples to take home for free for my feline to try before i bought anything! I will definitely be back and will only purchase food and litter from them from now on!!! Such great people:)”

“As another local pet business, I love to support another local business! I stop by and get treats for my client pups! I know what I’m getting here is always healthy, safe and high quality which is absolutely necessary when I’m giving it to my beloved clients.

We also feed our pets high quality food at home and this is a great one stop place for it. They’ll even special order what they don’t have in store. We have an array of pets and it’s great to not have to run all over.

We CONSTANTLY get comments on the beautiful collars and leashes we got from here when we first got our pups, and they are still in great condition after several years! A great alternative to the regular nylon stuff.”

“For as long as I am in Madison, this will be my pet store. Every time I am in, I get such great customer service. Once when I was looking at possibly switching the flavor of my (very picky) cat’s food, I was a little hesitant because I didn’t want to spend $30 on a new Orijen food only to find out that my cat didn’t like it. They assured me that I could try it out, and if my cat wouldn’t eat it, then I could return the opened bag for full credit. That is just awesome to me, because it is not like they could have resold an open bag – it could have possibly lost them some money, but they wanted me to be satisfied first and foremost. Such nice people, and I love that they are willing to put their dollar on the line to make their customer satisfied. To top it all off, it is a local small business!”